Thursday, March 5, 2009

first day / excited

so today was my first day at i&D and i found myself more excited than nervous the morning of. i just feel comfortable there, which is really cool.  the two dudes in the crew are pretty chill and the art director seems cool. they're like a tightly knit crew, and i like that. they tried to explain how everyone at the company is really laid back, but they get everything done. the one thing that i found interesting was the severity of deadlines. i mean obviously they're important, but i've just never been under a "real" deadline before, and it was just interesting to see how seriously they take it. but i shouldn't have a problem cuz it was never a problem in college.....just laziness, lol.

so anyway, i filled out some paperwork and got my first project.....logo.  cool.  i've been in the habit of making logos lately, so i thought this was a good way to start my stay here. i'm gonna be answering phones and the door, but other than that i'm basically just working on projects all day. i have my own desk with dual monitors and a suped (sp?) up mac. ill. it's a really cool feeling being there and tasting the business. i still can't believe we get paid to do what we do. nasty.

so yeah, i'm excited to go back in, lol. which is weird because i hate work. all work. but there's something fun about it......which i'm sure only lasts so long, haha. 

nonetheless, good first day.


so i thought this weekend was going to suck being that i wasn't able to go on the skiing trip with everyone, but it turns out that i'm possibly even more excited about saturday night than i was. word. what? yes, word.

things (at the moment) are good. 

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