Wednesday, June 17, 2009

salad anyone?

i wouldn't usually write about this, but a bunch of friends and i were having a pretty heated discussion about it and i'd like to see what people think of the argument....

we were all sitting around the other day talking about the extent to which you'd go with a girl sexually. about 90% of the guys there said they like going down on a girl, and have no problem doing so. then the interesting question popped up......would you eat a girl's ass?

now i know my own feelings on the situation, but i'll talk about everyone else's first. the room seemed to be split down the middle. some were all for it, and some couldn't believe that people even consider doing it. i fall in the category of both. for one, i do think the idea of it is pretty gross. but on the other hand, i have no problem doing it, but on one condition......only in (or right out of) the shower. there's just no in-between there. if it's not in or straight out of the shower, i won't do it. period.

i wonder how everyone else feels about this......leave some comments....

Monday, June 1, 2009


if there was anything i took from the 2+ months i lived on my own with the guys in valley stream it was:

-i love my fucking friends.
-i neeeeeed a bigger fucking bed!
-i know for a fact that i could live with other people without going insane.
-my love for sports was re-realized by having a sports game on on any given night.....thank you guys.
-freedom is a wonderful thing.

so the guys have moved to long beach, and i'm back to living at home. it's cool for now....but just for now. i literally just can't live here much longer. i'm long overdue to be living on my own, and i really can't wait for that next step in my life. i have about 3 days left until i find out if i get this full-time job or not, and i'm really excited about the possibilities. i've been working really hard for the past 6 months or so, whether it be on my career, at the gym, or working on my pimp-game (lol, i'm seriously kidding). but things have really been clicking for me lately, so getting this job would be the ultimate topper. i can't wait to start my career and start making some FUCKING MONEY!!! holy shit, that concept is so fucking cool. working saturdays? not anymore mother fucker! haha. well, i shouldn't start talking yet, because i haven't gotten the job yet. but here's to hoping.


so this weekend was really sick. friday night was pretty much just a chill-out night in long beach, where chef q made us a delicious dinner. saturday night was also spent in long beach, only with a bigger crowd. we all pre-gamed at the house and then went out to minnesota's and had a great time. sunday was a trip. i spent saturday night at roe's where neither of us got any sleep (not in that sense though, lol), and then had a wedding to attend later in the day. i think overall i got maybe 5 hours of real sleep this weekend......awful. but that only highlights the fact that i had a GREAT weekend. this girl is really fucking amazing. for some reason she's really into me, why? i don't know....but i like it. i'm having a great time, and i'm really looking forward to this summer and doing a lot of fun shit. my views on this summer completely changed from wanting to rack up numbers, to getting to know this amazing girl. we get along great, make each other laugh, have many of the same interests and mesh pretty well with each other's groups of friends.

i definitely didn't think that i'd be in this position at this point, considering how big of a game i talked about staying single for a looooong time. but these things happen. they come out of nowhere when you least expect it. and for me to ignore it or move past it because of some silly belief that i should be macking them all, is just dumb. i wasn't looking for this, but i found it and i'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.