Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"chasing impossible dreams, no matter how hard it seems
looking attractive, knowing it's only a tease
but please, give me the time i need, i'm begging you on my knees
i'll never give up, no way, i'll never release
i never wanna become one of the dead, the deceased
i wanna be a lasting legend, make a permanent crease
i hope i make an impression and someone finally sees
all i'm asking for is no war, forever in peace."

i had written this back in 2003, just around the time zug had started up.  our writing was pretty amateur at the time, but i always liked these lines for some reason.  probably because it was one of the first times i actually wrote something that i meant, and that meant something to me.  i never thought i would use it in any songs, but it ended up being the last few lines of the song "the last night" which closes out our second (lol) album.

i don't wanna come off as if i'm serious about our music.....because i'm not, lol.  it was started as a joke, and we basically played off that for every song we wrote.  nothing is from real life (for the most part anyway), we used (mostly) already-established beats, and we basically just treated it as entertainment for ourselves.  i had the most fun writing those songs with the guys, and recording the music together.  it was definitely a great time in my life.  just coming up with lyrics and flows and calling the other guys up to be like, "what do you think of this, dude....".  it's the best feeling when you make someone else in the group go, "damn dude, that's siiiiick", and they mean it.  i know that we all tried to get better lyrically as time went on, but dan and i in particular would always try to one-up each other when it came to writing verses for songs.  (Jay and Anthony always had their own verses already written down, or as Jay used to do, write verses the night we recorded, haha)   there was never any ill will or anything like actually just made us want to write as good a verse, if not better, than the one he just wrote.  we became better at honing our skills through friendly competition, and i'm grateful for it.  to be honest, and with all due respect to the other guys in the group, dan has to be the best out of us all lyrically.  some of the things he writes blows my fucking mind.  he's got shit written (and some recorded) that i literally can't believe he's written. 

i felt like we had all taken a big step forward from our first "album" to when we wrote "the last night...".  we had experience with writing and recording, and i even started experimenting with making beats.  on our second album i had made one of the beats from scratch, and mixed together around 3 others from existing songs to create workable beats.  the others we just plain stole, lol.  but i mean our chemistry just got better as far as knowing what we wanted to accomplish, and i think it shows by the songs on the second album.  but still, i must say again, we never took ourselves (too) seriously, lol.  i listen back on some of our songs and i just laugh, because in all honesty, what were we thinking? haha.

so anyway, i don't know how this turned into a history-of-zug post, but all i'll say is that i'd love to make another cd.  those were seriously some of the best days of my life, and i'd love to (try) and live them again.  so, long live zug.  g and conig, i hope you're enjoying your taste of the zug crew....and as for can try to come at us if you want, but we've already taken down MerkOne, and would have no problem....literally no problem....ripping you 4 new assholes.  so if you wanna bring it, bring it.  if not, we'll be content with sitting on our throne.  what.

later bitches!

(oh, and btw, i might be posting random verses from our cd's in upcoming posts because nothing exciting/interesting is going on in my life right now and i'm running out of things to write on this thing, haha)

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